Dirty Boxers

Dear Kenyan men, we really love you much.

Some of you are our fathers, brothers, uncles and husbands but at times, you really piss us off when it comes to dressing.

We are tired of seeing you walk around in cheap stuff. Please, this is the year to throw away all those shitty attires, try get quality.

6 Most Annoying Habits Of Nairobi Men

Well, whether you like it or not, here are the 5 things you should stop wearing this year!

1. Cheap boxers

Nothing pisses me off as a man walking around with sagging trousers showing off his cheap, dirty and torn boxers. If you can’t afford to buy new boxers, kindly visit Gikomba market or the hawkers in Ngara for nice, unique mitumba boxers.¬†Boxer2

2. Gold or silver coated Chains

Though they say fake it till you make it, I don’t think its a go ahead to wear fake things. We are tired of seeing men flossing fake silver and gold chains. Why would you waste 500/- on “China” accessories yet you can rock African beads or Shambala? You are not 2Chainz or Lil Wayne, you are Otieno wacha swag za kifala.

3. Blankets like clothes

They say fashion is anything you are comfortable in, and I agree, but it has gone to some extent that men nowadays dress in blankets in the name of fashion. Unless you are walking around with your bed, kindly don’t wear such just to attract attention.Sauti_Sol_

4. Harem pants

Not everyone can look great in harem pants! Please don’t just dress in anything because it’s trendy. Not all of you look like Justin Bieber! Most of you walk like newborn calves when you rock them pants. Please stick to your rugged attires.

5. Fake snapbacks

This is the current trend in town. Everyone is rocking snapbacks; Dope, TMT, NY… Please, if you can’t afford to buy original stuff, save yourself that embarrassment. Some of you even wear it and have no idea what the words mean.