MC Jessy ametulia.

There was a time you would never miss a story of him on the internet. The internet never forgets my friend. When the story of him and Shiks Kapienga came out, they made headlines every day.

Other than that he is known to be one of the pioneers of Churchill Show and we have seen him grow to be the big brand he is now.

Kenyan comedy has become a big deal. Comedians have found their way abroad to grace other lands with some Kenyan comedy.

Eric Omondi has done tours all over. From the US to the UK and even around Africa including the one he did with Chipukeezy in Dubai where he tagged along upcoming comedians to experience the tour life.

It was the first time MCA Tricky went to Dubai and you could tell he was pretty much excited.

MC Jessy was this time in Scotland, UK and he posted a picture of himself wearing the Scottish kilt.

The kilt that you’re seeing in your mind’s eye is very different from the original garments worn by Scots all those centuries ago.

MC Jessy

Although associated with Celtic culture now, originally the word ‘kilt’ may have come from the Nordic word ‘kjalta’, first recorded back in the 9th century.

Early in its history, Scotland was invaded by several countries (including Romans, Vikings and Scandinavians). ‘Old Norse’ was the original language of the Scandinavians.

These invaders all dressed differently, in a variety of tunics, robes, shirts and cloaks. It’s not clear exactly how the kilt evolved but it’s believed that it’s a combination of all of these, adjusted to suit the climate and lifestyle of the hardy, warlike inhabitants of the Scottish Highlands.

Na anafanana baba yake! Never before seen picture of MC Jessy’s handsome boy


MC Jessy may not know what it represents but seeing as he is a comedian, anything to tickle his fans goes.

Dressed in the Kilt, he woke up the trolls. He posted the picture with the caption:

Do I say I look handsome ama with this on, I look cute? 😂
Wasee wangu wa Kinoo hii si skirt nimevaa, it’s called a kilt. 
One of the most comfortable things to wear while in Scotland. 
I think I’ll continue wearing more of this in Kenya. I hope upepo ya Kenya will behave. 
Jeans na trouser nataka kupeana zote. 

MC Jessy
MC Jessy. photo credit: instagram/jessythemc

Here are some of the comments of guys trolling him putting it out there that he has no undergarments:

Chege: hahahahaha @jessythemc uko commando coz that’s how it’s worn.

Zachy: Are you wearing underwear! Your balls must be colliding head-on collision!

Towo: pliiis mek sure umama unaacha kwa airport ya Scotland on ur way back

Verah: Kumbe unakuwanga na hips, tutakungoja airport na skirts zetu zote. You need to flaunt those curves back home😂😂

Jim: Ukirudi kenya na hiyo skirt uje na bwana pia.

Moshim: U luk lesbianism😂😂😂

Mary: Am sure you know ustahili kuvaa ngotha na kilt,so I assume uko desee

Danny: happy womens day, ka umama nako!!!

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