Letoya Johnstone

Transgender Letoya Johnstone is a brave woman. She is never afraid of sharing her grass to grace story.

Letoya Johnstone

Letoya, now a top runway model and trainer, has shared a heartbreaking story about her life. In a post titled Most of my life I have lost everything, Letoya has revealed that she was raised by a single mother and had a hard life growing up.  She had to work to make ends meet.

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Woiyee..Transgender Letoya Johnstone opens up about life struggles and sufferings

The 25-year-old model shared a photo showing how her home used to look like before fame and money, and she has indeed come a long way.

Letoya Johnstone

She wrote;

Here, we are rich enough to afford take a photo so that I may show off with on social media. This is my mother’s house. I had done some jobs here and there until I bought mama her first gas cylinder. Before the gas cylinder we were using the three stones to cook.
As you can see in the photo, that’s the living room. The bedroom, kitchen, store, eating area. You may call it all under one roof.! The good thing about lacking is the fact that you end up appreciating everything, and anything that cometh your way; good or bad, because horrible is the perfect life and bad is the improved version of life. In this picture, that’s the richest or wealthiest we had ever been. It’s tough being a child of a single mother, adopted and the one working so hard to change the narrative.

Letoya has also has advised the young people to never forget who they are and not to succumb to social media pressure.

My story is not to educate or to make you a better person ; but if you can learn one or two things then I will be delighted.
Trust ‘ the process’ of making yourself. It takes years and so much time. The process is where the wisdom lies.
I shoot in luxury hotels, my face all over the media and glossy magazines but I will never forget who I am, truly and honestly. I am a product of this. So, nothing in the face of this earth will I ever lose . Friends come and go, it’s a phase in the journey of life; but the child that my mama raised will always be here until the end of time. I CAN DO GOOD ALL BY MYSELF.! .

Letoya Johnstone

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The ever jovial model in a recent interview revealed that she was raped when he was still a teenager.

Immediately after high school, something that is really sensitive and so unfortunate from my side happened. There was a time I was in Homa Bay in 2007. I was so young and was beautiful, with glowing skin. Dressed like a girl.

He added;

Hell broke loose and I was grabbed and thrown into the ditch and got badly raped. I almost lost my life. I went to the district hospital and the doctor on duty refused to treat me because he was Muslim and told my mum that he could not treat me because I was sleeping with people of my gender.

He said I was looking for people to rape me, adding that I wanted to be a woman. That is how my parents came to learn that I was gay.