Around this time last year, there was alot of hullabaloo about the Illuminati and who is in it. Wait, that is erroneous. There has always been alot of controversy around this topic. The occult seems to fascinate Kenyans.
Some personalities flirted with the rumours, others outrightly sought to dispel them. Personally, I do not believe in something like a hidden occultic organization hiding in the shadows and pulling the strings of world leaders to call shots.




But on the Kenyan side of life, I recall several celebrities being linked to the illuminati simply because they had a meteoric rise. Personally, I think such lines of thoughts belittle the hustle most have had to pump into their art and talent but I am told even by my colleagues that I am just naive. The Illuminati is real and they have been working behind the curtains.


Anyway, here the the list of 6 is:

DJ Creme

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#5. Octopizzo

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#4. Habida


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This photo really got tongues wagging because of the association of snakes to demonology. Personally, I think it’s a case of overactive imaginations!


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