In 2012, Kenya appeared thrice in a CNN list of 26 of the most stunning spots in Africa. Kenya has been known to be the ultimate holiday destination, with international tourists visiting in millions every year. It has hosted major international events, such as the most recent Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) that saw top business leaders attend. In Kenya, we have many amazing destinations that have been a favorite for tourists from abroad, yet most Kenyans haven’t made a point of visiting them.

Here are the Top 20 Kenyan destinations to visit before you die:

1. Wildebeest Migration


It’s among the seven wonders of the world. Over 2 million wildebeests and zebras migrate from Serengeti National Park into Maasai Mara National Reserve in search of greener pastures. The spectacular event happens from July through October each year. Thousands of tourists come in from all over the world to witness this breathtaking experience. Seeing the animals try to cross the river alive – evading the ever hungry crocodiles and drowning – is a happening that no Kenyan should miss.

2. Lamu Festival


It is an event where the best of Lamu’s culture is celebrated. There are a lot of activities that happen through the week-long event. The best highlight is the donkey-riding competition. Lamu is a small island and donkeys form the main transport system.

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There’s also henna painting and playing Bao. Bao is the oldest known game in the history of mankind, as per archaeological evidence. The festival brings in many people from all over the country and abroad. You should definitely attend!

3. White Water Rafting In Sagana


A big percentage of Kenyans perceive this sport as too American. This is the notion that has been ingrained in their minds, perhaps due to a lot of movie watching? Well, this sport is open to all! There is a briefing before a first-timer enters the wild waters. This includes knowledge of the kind of rapids that you should expect; their grading – 3-5. Apart from this, there is a nice place to camp, plush green lawns to relax on and lots of great food selections. This is a perfect place to take your family or your date.

4. Sky Diving In Diani


This rare experience starts with a 15-minute briefing from your instructor. You’ll then board a plane, explore the gorgeous landscape below just before the biggest moment of Tandem Skyviding. You’ll definitely not do it alone the first time. You’ll do it with your instructor. The $350 jump will give you a phenomenal adrenaline rush; you’ll be descending at a speed of 200K/Hr, the fastest you’ll ever hack – with your body. This should definitely be part of your bucket list.