Pator Ng'ang'a with his wife
Pastor Ng'ang'a with his wife

Neno Evangelism founder Pastor James Nganga has revealed in an interview posted on YouTube that he once performed a bizarre ritual to get back his wife.

In the video interview with a an apostle, Nganga and his wife, Murugi Mwangi revealed how turbulent the first few years of their marriage was.

It was so bad that she parked her bags several times and left.

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Wife narrates how Pastor Nganga called cops on her when she left him

In the interview, Pastor Nganga also pointed out that as a widower he expected his wife to immediately step into the shoes of his late wife and start handling him like a husband.

“I forgot she had never been a wife before.”

They constantly fought and at one time, his wife packed and left.

Later, during that separation Nganga took a piece of her clothing and a photo and hide them in a safe together with an offering to God.

“I asked God to ensure that my wife gets back to me. He should not let the lion lose it’s catch that easily.”

Later the couple reconciled and he showed her the contents of the safe that had her dress and photo.

The couple and happily married.

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