Kush Tracey
Self-proclaimed born again Kush Tracey at a club

It’s Friday and as you all know in Kenyan that means it’s party time. Here are tips on how to enjoy your night out without denting your pockets.

Have a budget

Silly as it may sound having a budget helps one in ensuring that you remain within your budget.

The budget does not have to be accurate just a rough estimate.

Always ensure you know how you will get to and from the club

If you are going with a friend ensure you know if you are required to chip in for fuel or not.

If going using a cab, be sure to set aside cash to get you to the club and back home, you wouldn’t want to end up dead by causing a drunk driving accident.

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Avoid buying drinks as singles

Buying in singles may end up being more expensive than buying in doubles.

You can also opt for a mzinga as it will last longer, unless wewe ni wamunyota (alcoholic).

Don’t be Santa Claus (father Christmas)

We all know that the role of Santa Claus is giving people free gifts.

So don’t let yourself be the type of person who goes around buying people you do not know beer.

Once in a while is OK but don’t make it a habit, instead use that cash for something meaningful.

You could actually get your wife a new lingerie instead of letting her sleep in the seng’eng’e ni ng’ombe t-shirts.

All in all, have fun but remember bibi ya wenyewe is a no go zone.

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