She likes to call herself Mkamba wa Masaku, but according to her new jam Mawe, she calls herself Boss Mama.

I’m referring to female rapper Kush Tracy, the ex girlfriend to Timmy Tdat. With her new comeback after she had a nasty break up with her flamboyant ex, Kush Tracy has proved that she has moved on and she is just fine.

Timmy and Kush Tracy had dated for sometime and even released a hit track together dubbed Ndulu which was received well in the music charts.

The two would later have a public break up leaving many shocked on what had happened to their once upon a time, hot romance.

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Kush would later reveal that the Usinikazie rapper was so poor in bed.

When asked if what his ex said was true, Timmy would say that Kush might have been pulling a publicity stunt to release new music.

“Maybe she wants to release a song or she is up to something because tukiwa pamoja it was all good. Sikushtuka sana.”

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Kush seems to have moved on from the nasty public break up after news had it that Timmy is now dating singer Dela.

In a recent interview when asked if she still misses Timmy Tdat, Kush gave the most hilarious response ever;

“Ukiniangalia tu hivyo…nakaa mashidaree hivi?” Kush Tracy

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Check out her new look;