Pastor Burale

Stylish pastor Robert Burale has turned a year older. The single father of a teenage girl celebrated his special day with a sweet message to himself.

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“Grace, unmerited favour, that simply sums up the story of my life. Today as I celebrate my birthday and the gift of another year. My heart is grateful to God for my journey. Picked from depth of despair, having curved my own path to my destruction, Grace found me just as I was, picked me up and put me on the King’s highway. Through my failures, my fears my joys and regrets, accepted or rejected in summers and winters, God has used the cocktail of my experiences to mould, equip, train and taught me to fully trust in Him. Today, I am energised, focused and clear about the mandate upon my life, fueled by God’s grace. Here I am strong and courageous. Earthly things becoming strangely dim as I keep my gaze on Christ, Ready for destiny,” read his post.

Burale, who is also a motivational speaker and MCee is one of the most loved men of the clothes around. His followers flooded his timeline with birthday wishes.

massawejapanni Happy Birthday Burale

revkathykiuna Happy birthday to you RB. May you have many great years

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prophetesmonicah Happy birthday @burale1 . May you enjoy long life with blessings and good health my brother. You are a powerful person in my generation.
Friends help me wish my friend a happy birthday 🎂.

revlucynatasha Happy Birthday Coach @burale1 You are a great gift to this generation!

nanawanjikugecaga Happy birthday ❤️

djggactivist Happy birthday 🎂🎊🎁🎉🎈

ladybee_254 Happy Birthday Sir Wooooo🙌

molarsdentalclinic Happy birthday🎉🎉!!!! Don’t have soooooo much cake…..we still need your teeth to be at their best😁. Have a lovely one!

joepraize_de_emperor Wow. Happy birthday to you dearest beloved MOG… I celebrate u now and always.

kelliemwanic Happy birthday coach to many more years , to another level of grace…birthday mate

mary_mackori Happy Birthday My Mentor.. Wishing You Good Health , Happiness and Prosperity in Your Endeavors

bevchahonyo Happy Birthday RB. Celebrating you bro

christiegkawira Happy Birthday RB 🎊🎉….God has been soo good to you and may He continue shining His face upon you.👏

ishimwemarie Happy Birthday Big Brother and Mentor

doreenkabareebe Happiest birthday friend.

sirkingmoses Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed sir. Thank you for your passion for the things of God and always inspiring your generation. I celebrate you

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