Willy Paul is one of the most controversial artists we have in Kenya! It doesn’t matter which genre you look at or whether we decided to look at the secular and gospel industry separately, the fact still remains that he is not just controversial but polarizing as well.

To Uncle Chim Tuna, this is something our entertainment industry needs. It shows maturity of the celebrity culture. But what I saw of the gospel industry at the Groove Awards nomination show put me off completely. As if that weren’t enough, what I read DJ Mo had said about Willy Paul confirmed to me that this gospel industry is in the hands of the wrong people!

“No Scandals Can Bring Down Willy Paul !” – DJ MO

For those of you who do not know what this is about, Willy Paul had been accused by Bahati of jacking his song (theft) and then when word spread that he had been neglecting his mother. You see, while I do not believe in dwelling on a persons mistakes, I believe that the person must first acknowledge them and the consequences before we as a people can move on.