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We have in the past heard of different celebrities narrating how alcohol ruined their careers. Sadly, most people don’t view it as a disease.

For some, they dug a hole that they have never been able to come out of.

Before you judge someone who is addicted to alcohol, here are things you can keep in mind

1. Alcoholism is a disease

For most people alcohol addiction is something they cannot come out of unless they get medical help.

This is because of the side effects brought along by ditching the bottle. Some people can come out after rehab but for some, it’s a lifelong battle.

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2. it’s a prison

It’s a prison in the sense that some people feel like they cannot function without taking alcohol.

In some instances, surgeons have lost their careers as they cannot operate drunk, drivers have killed people after causing accidents.

But the sad reality is that the people involved never see it as a prison rather as a way of ‘kutoa stress.’

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3. Emotionally and financially draining

You can never know how draining it is financially, emotionally, or socially unless you have a member who is addicted to alcohol.

The truth is that most people never realize they are getting addicted until they are already in too deep.

So don’t always be too quick to judge every drunk person you see, some are struggling to come out of it they just don’t know how to.

If you can’t control your drinking, drop it all the same.