Photos of nun cum lawyer Leonida Katunge excited Kenyans yesterday after she was spotted representing Marriane Kitany ex-wife to Mithika Linturi.

What many were left wondering is how can a nun turn into a lawyer? Well, worry no more. Here are things you did not know about Leonida.

  1. She is from St Joseph Sister from Mombasa.

2. She was born in Makueni county, about 400km outside Mombasa.

3. Leonida joined the sisters in 1997 and made my first vows on December 8, 2000, and solemn or perpetual vows on December 8, 2011.

Photos of Leonida the nun lawyer giving Ombeta a run for his money

4. She studied philosophy, theology and law.

5. Leonida is a lecturer at CUEA, Tangaza University College and Chemchemi ya Uzima Institute.

6. Unknown to many Sister Leonida studied law to help many religious men and women including the clergy to offer legal service and to protect their property.

According to Katunge she only knows of only two other nuns who are lawyers. Others are still students.

Below are photos of her during her graduation and while in court

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