Churchill comedienne Zeddy Zainabu has talked about how depression made her suicidal. She thought ending her life would help solve her problems.

The mother of three who was speaking during an interview with Grace Msalame said, the thought of kids watching her kill herself is what held her back.

‘I wished I could go up to the 8th floor of the building I was living in and throw myself down. But as a woman I would think of the fact that there could be kids watching me and that stopped me.’

Although she makes us laugh, Zeddy was going through a rough patch, she had lost her business, her baby was stillborn on top of that she was left by her husband when she was a few months pregnant.

‘They put my dead baby in a box, asked if i’d carry it home,’ Zeddy narrates

That saw her sink deep into depression. Especially after she lost her baby.

‘Up to date I have never known what killed my baby,the hospital refused to DIVULGE that information.

Watching other mothers was very hard, but what was more painful was going home empty handed.

Seeing the shopping I had bought in preparation for the baby broke my heart, When I decided to give them out my friends refused.

They argued that I would pass the bad luck to them and make their unborn babies die,’ Zeddy partly narrated during the interview

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