It would seem the decision by Nation FM to fire 36 employees was something we all already knew anyway but I can atleast say that it is official now that one of the people fired has spilled the beans.It all started when Tim Njiru revealed his assumption as to why people were fired from Nation Fm namely Anto Neosoul, Obinna, Ciru Muriuki and Njambi Kaikai. According to him, it is all because they are rather irrelevant.

Speaking to Niaje, Tim Njiru who hosts the wildly popular show, “Ideal Space” which airs on KTN at a time slot everyone knows oh so well, whomever it was that yanked the musicians off the airwaves did a fantastic thing.

But that set Anto Neosoul off in a bad way. The usually mild mannered crooner and former radio personality revealed that they were fired because *drum roll please*


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