Former Tahidi High actor Abel Mutua and Comedian Njugush are among the agitated Kenyans who have thrown major shade at Nairobi County Women Representative Esther Passaris.

This was after she branded sanitary towels that are to be distributed for free under the National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF).

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Passaris took to social media when she announced that Nairobi girls would continue receiving the free sanitary government even during the Covid19 crisis that has interrupted the ordinary routine of most Kenyans.

“900 cartons of quality menstrual hygiene products dispatched today so that our girls in Nairobi County can experience their menstruation in dignity and free of shame. No one should choose between a sanitary pad or meal,” she wrote

Many netizens objected to the imposing image of the Women Rep that was engraved on the front side of each sanitary towel.

Well, this was not taken lightly by some social media users who rubbished the step of branding the sanitary pads with her photos.

To many, that was not necessary as many other leaders and celebrities have donated sanitary pads even without having to put their photos there.

Abel wrote;

“phew, Thank God she remembered to put her photo. Angekosa kuweka hizi vitu zingemulfuncton. imenistress usiku mzima mpata sijalala. All I was asking myself ‘what if she forgets to put her face on them?you can imagine my joy when I realised she didn’t forget. Ingekua what a waste of sanitary products,” he wrote


Sital Chandaria: It’s donated thru yr office, not by u…. why your pic…yr position is temporary, but the donation should not be associated with u but yr office…next time think long term.

Mayodi_H: what was the cost of the branding? Certainly, it would have added an extra carton or so… but since you are headless, we move…..”

Check Out Njugush reaction to Passaris move;