On the night that Jowie shot himself in the arm, Terryanne’s house girl, Pamela was present in the house.

Jacque Maribe and Jowie’s murder trial is ongoing. The two have been charged with the murder of 29-year-old Monicah Kimani.

Pamela, the house girl, was in court today to give her version of what happened, hours after Monicah Kimani had been murdered.

Earlier on, Pamela had seen Jowie with a gun, a thing that puzzled her. So, she asked Jacque Maribe, who was her employer at the time.

Jowie’s work was to drop Jacque Maribe to work and sleep

JowieMaribe told her that Jowie works as an army officer in Dubai and also at State House

Narrating her series of events to the court, Pamela said that on September 20, Jowie took Maribe to work as usual and came back to sleep.

Later that evening he left again. At around 1am that night she heard Jowie shouting out to Brian to help. She left her room and found Jowie’s clothes and possession downstairs.

Pamela told the court that she never heard any gunshot on that night that Jowie allegedly shot himself.

She then saw Brian Kassaine the neighbour and his wife come in asking for Jowie’s identity card.  Brian was saying they can’t take him to the hospital without an ID.

Pamela said she then saw Jacque come from upstairs and followed Brian and the wife outside. Jowie was inside Maribe’s car in the backseat.

There was blood oozing from his body. He was wearing a vest. They then left the four of them. Brian and his wife were Jowie’s friends and not Jacque’s.

After they left she went upstairs to check on the baby. She saw their bedroom light on and decided to go switch it off. She saw a gun and blood on the floor. The blood was near their bathroom. She then went downstairs and called Terryanne Chebet.

Terryanne told her to sleep. However, she did not sleep because she was shaken.

Jowie’s shorts had Monicah Kimani’s bloodstain – court told

Later that night, Jowie and Jacque came back and his hand had been bandaged. They then went upstairs to sleep. Brian came with them and took Jowie upstairs and left.

The following morning on September 21, Maribe returned Jowie’s clothes. Jacque’s mum went to their house that morning. They cooked ate and at some point, Jowie came downstairs to greet her.

Maribe left for work at 3 pm and her mom also followed her with the child.

Later that evening, Brian came and asked for the car keys saying he was taking Jowie back to the hospital.

Pamela gave him the car key and he went upstairs to pick Jowie and brought him down.

They didn’t come back. And Jacque also didn’t come back until the next morning Saturday.

She then asked for an off from Jacque who was leaving to see Jowie. She spent the night at Terryanne Chebet’s house.

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