Social Media has turned into a hunting den for men and women who want to find an easy lay without doing the dirty work of dating and courting.

Getting a woman to lay has become more easier than teaching a kid how to spell their name.

On Facebook ,Instagram or Twitter every one is on the look out on who seems like the best target going by the photos one posts.

The more flesh there is the better the chances of being noticed.

‘Dating sponsors for a better life is prostitution,’ shouts Pastor Burale

First came Ben 10’s then came sugar mummies but right now sponsors are the hottest deal in town with young girls doing every thing possible to attract their attention.

Last year media personality Shaffie Weru opened a can of worms after exposing how photographers are among those helping pimp girls to make them attractive enough for sponsors.

Partly he says

The young men who range between the age of 16 and 21 lure girls with offers of free photo shoots.

The photos are in turn posted on Instagram and shared with various mafisis online.

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He adds

At first they used to just post photos of hot girls and circulate them.

But now with the rising demand and competition from fellow pornographer.

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the perpetrators have started posting nVdes and semi nVde pictures of young boys and girls.

This is to be able to keep up with the growing demand and to attract more paedophiles online.

Here is how it works

1.The guys behind the trade use the young spotters to fish for unsuspecting young kids online.

2.They then DM (direct message) the victims with offers of making them supermodels, super famous or video vixens.

3.Once the victims are hooked, they are given a location for the free shoot, sometimes it’s a studio or a house.

4.Pictures are taken and then posted online for the paedophiles or for old dirty men to look at and select who can attend their exclusive parties.

5.To reward the unsuspecting teenagers, the spotters can offer the girls airtime and some little cash to turn up for the shoots.

Impressed, the victims fall for the trap. The spotters are usually paid on commissions like 2k (Sh2,000) per girl or 1K (Sh1,000), or more depending on how hot the girl is or how impressive her physical features are.

Social media has turned into a pimping site where the highest bidder gets to go with the woman home.

A Kenyan man *Ken shared screenshots (below) between him and a woman who approached him in his DM.

According to Ken he does not know the woman adding that that is not the first time that a woman has offered herself to him in exchange for cash.

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WhatsApp Image 2019-04-02 at 16.55.47

Another social media user narrates how a woman approached him offering herself in exchange for Ksh 6,000 for every 2 shot they went for.

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-02 at 16.25.28(1)

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-02 at 16.25.28

Another social media user *Nelly* also narrated how a pimping from a friend went horribly wrong after she was forced to let men pee and poop on her to satisfy their fetish.

‘I called out a really good friend of mine for being a Porta Potty after seeing her on TheDirty, and she admitted everything.

By the way, she is 22, drives a 2011 CL550 and owns a Condo in Newport Beach(not bad for a girl that didn’t even graduate high school) so I wanted the same stuff.

I asked her a few months ago about it and she told me when something opens up she will let me know.

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Christmas came and she told me that Jan 5th there was a trip that she need 3 girls for, it payed a total of $40K for an ANYTHING goes trip to St. Bartz for a weekend.

That is more than I make in a year, so I said f*ck it. My girl warned me, she said “Sh*t gets crazy”… I’m a freak in bed so I love it when sh*t goes crazy.

I was really thinking this is my new gig and this is easy as f*ck. Soon as my STD test came back negative, 4 hours later I had 8K transferred to my account.


3 of it for to get to St. Bartz and the remaining was my “deposit” which is the going rate at %12.5. I was so happy…

so I get there and soon as I get to the hotel room, there is a note telling me to be ready for dinner and going on the Yacht for 2 nights and that another %12.5 had been deposited.

That I would be received the rest of my money $30k before I step on the plane home. $10K already for NOTHING Nik, I was thanking you.

Next day, we get on a 200 foot yacht… On it is my friend, me and 1 other girl, and 9 Arabian guys. I was starting to doubt what the hell I got into, 6 of them.

Nelly adds

I was starting to doubt what the hell I got into, 6 of them were fat and all of them were so hairy, It was intense.

We start drinking to ease the nerves and the guys don’t even pay attention to us or say anything.

They just sat there and played board games and smoked cigars.
A few hours later one of their servants comes up and tells us its time.

We all go into separate rooms, the servants tell us to get completely naked and lay on the bed and don’t move.

I was beyond f*cked up at the time and a million thoughts were running through my head. 3 of the guys came in the room and all of them were wearing robes.

The first guy takes his robe off, makes me get closer to the edge of the bed and then he sticks it in me…

3 to 4 minutes later, he makes this weird yelling noise in Arabian, takes his d*ck out, jumps on the bed and then c*ms all over my face.

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Nelly adds that she was left humiliated after being splattered with c#m.

I tried to wipe it out of my eye and he slaps my hand then slaps me so hard in the face that c*m splatters everywhere and yells at me to not move white b*tch.

So the next two guys take a little longer maybe 7 or 8 minutes and do the same.

Now my face is just glazed, I hear all 3 walking out laughing and the servant comes to get me and tells me not to clean my face, takes my hand and walks me to the shower.

Nelly further narrates that just when she was done things only got worse.

I thought I was done, NOPE. While in the shower, my 3 guys come back in and literally just start pissing on me… My boyfriend is into Golden Shower’s so it was nothing new for me.

They basically cleaned my face off with their pee. 10 minutes later, I finally get to wash off, and that was it. 

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