Black woman laughing

A Kenyan woman left many in shock after saying that she is very thankful to God that her husband is dead and gone, due to his constant disrespect.

Calling in during the morning conversation on Classic 105 *Tracy said,

‘My now late husband had been arrested and his family refused to bail him out. When I approached them they said amezoea so they did not bother to help.

So I approached some friends who lent me some cash and I then bailed out my husband.


Unknown to me he had a side chick, a police woman at the same station he had been arrested and she had not even bothered to help her ‘lover’.

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‘He was then released but hapo ndo madharau ilianza, he would disrespect me to my face.

Stacy said that she took care of him till his last breath but his family turned out against her.

Thank God he died, he had gout and his kidney failed, his family took everything from me

His family did not even return the money I had borrowed to help bail him out.

They threw me out yet I had a 3 months old baby and a two and a half year old.’

Unlike Tracy *Sarah said she waited for her man for three years after he was arrested.

‘I waited for my man for three years, At some point I once got myself in custody just so that we could have our conjugal rights.

Right now he is out and we are trying to work things out.’

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