Tedd Josiah and Regina Katar

Legendary music producer Tedd Josiah has shared a very intimate moment he had with his wife months before she passed on.

Who lost his wife in  is among the celebrities celebrating women today.

Tedd’s wife Regina Katar passed away in September 2017, from internal bleeding which was caused by a blood disorder in which there were few platelets in her blood. The condition is  commonly known as Thrombocytopenia.

Almost a year later, life hasn’t been the same for Tedd and their one year old daughter, Jameela Wendo.

Tedd Josiah and daughter
Tedd Josiah and daughter. photo credit: Instagram/Tedd Josiah

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On International Women’s Day Tedd penned an emotional message to his daughter and late wife Regina thanking them for being part of his life.

“On this special day for women I celebrate 🎊 two Empresses and one angel 👼🏼 up in heaven. I was lucky to meet an angel & to be loved unconditionally by her, I was lucky that she allowed me to become the father of her little #Empress.

Anyone who knew @reginahkatar would tell you she would give you the biggest smile and the shirt off her back.
I hope that more women will lobby harder for mothers health post birth and make sure more mothers see their children grow.
Reginah you are ALWAYS LOVED DEEPLY DEARLY ETERNALLY 😘😘😘😘 look at our #GummyBear 🐻 she’s lighting up the world with that little candle you gave her! Watch over her please #MamaBear our angel 👼🏼” he wrote accompanied by the photo below.


Tedd Josiah

Josiah described his wife as a supernatural and dedicated mother to their daughter.

“Three hours to her death, Regina was breastfeeding our daughter. That is the kind of mother she was. She put herself last and other people first.”

He went ahead to call upon Kenyans to unite as one and set aside their differences.

“My daughter’s name Wendo means – love in the Gikuyu language and – special visitor among the Luo.”

Regina Katar
Caskest bearing the remains of Tedd Josiah’s wife Regina Katar

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Tedd has decided to share a video he took of Reginah when she was pregnant with Wendo. In the video, Reginah looks peaceful as she walks along the beach towards the calm sea.

Tedd wrote, “I thank God I captured these moments.”

In another intimate post, Tedd narrated how he would leave his two girls in bed hen he went to work.

“Every single morning I’d leave these two love 💕 bugs 🐞 asleep 💤 and I’d say dear lord protect my ladies keep them safe till i get back home. And straight from work I’d come home 🏠.

Ray made me not just a father but the man I am today. She made me want to be better every day, do more, love more, be more…

It’s impossible for me to celebrate Father’s Day without celebrating the person who made me want more out of life. From a VERY VERY BROKEN PLACE to a place of love.

Even though you are gone, I still feel your UNCONDITIONAL love 💕 every single day of my life & miss it. Truly you made a good man out of this punk right here!


Askim (as u called me)


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Here are photos of Tedd’s late wife, Reginah.

Tedd Josiah's wife Reginah

Tedd Josiah's wife Reginah

Tedd Josiah's wife Reginah

Tedd Josiah's wife Reginah

Tedd Josiah's wife Reginah

Tedd Josiah's wife Reginah

Tedd Josiah's wife Reginah

Tedd Josiah's wife Reginah

Tedd Josiah's wife Reginah

Watch the last videos Tedd Josiah took of his wife months before she passed on

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