The trio

Tanasha Donna has been sucked into the war of words between her current lover Diamond Platnumz and his ex-lover, Zari Hassan.

Zari and Diamond
Zari and Diamond

After Diamond’s explosive interview on Tuesday where he accused Zari of a myriad of wrongdoings, she then retaliated by calling both Diamond and Tanasha idiots. Zari’s full comment is below:

By now my ex is telling his new girlfriend how bad I was and the girl too will be feeling pity for him thinking she’s got a saint. Two idiots.

The couple have been called idiots by Zari

What would the NRG presenter’s response be to this unprovoked assault? She stayed classy. Veeeery classy! Tanasha is of the opinion that she shouldn’t speak about a lady that she has never met in person.

The model has decided to be pleasant to Zari

She wrote on her Instagram stories:

Y’all know I don’t speak unless really needed but damn, I am just out here like what do I have to do with this? I am sorry but I will not respond by speaking ill of someone I don’t know, I am all about positive energy. I can never disrespect a woman I have never met and don’t even know simply so I can get a point across. I have no reason to hate to be honest. I am just a NOBODY who is out here grinding and tryna get these cheques, way too mature to tear another woman down. Yours sincerely, idiot.

The NRG presenter looking good with her curls

While her long response was mostly above the fray, her signing off with, ‘Yours sincerely, idiot’, betrayed a latent undercurrent of passive aggression.

Methinks this slight by Zari will not be taken lightly by Miss Donna in the future and that there will be a reckoning. One that might come very soon.

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