Akothee is ranked as one of the richest female celebrities in East Africa. Well, she has revealed that for a man to be able to date her,  he must afford the luxurious lifestyle she is used to.

She sent out a strong warning on social media telling that man:

Babe just know that this hair alone is 74,000. I need 4 different ones to carry me this month 😍


Now let me describe this hair. Akothee is not big on hair and makeup, but when she decides, she goes hard. Most of the time it’s for a special occasion. This time it was her birthday.

So Akothee got all dolled up and dressed in a gown that she wore when attending Bahati’s EMB Rebirth event.

The wig looked like a high-end human hair wig and the pricing of such wigs would range from 30,000 and above.

Let’s just say that this month alone, the Give It To Me hitmaker has invested Ksh 296,000 for the hair only.


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