Mwalimu Rachel

Media personality and NRG radio presenter Mwalimu Rachel has started off the year on a bad side.

Last week, the loud personality together with her lover and other men beat up Miracle Baby’s BFF, squeezed his balls, tortured him and tied his hands before putting him in a boot of a car.

They also took his phone and wallet.

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Photos of the upcoming artiste after he was assaulted by Mwalimu Rachel and her accomplices, leaving him with a black eye and bruises all over his body have gone viral.

Kenyans on Twitter have started hashtag #JailMwalimuRachel, to show support to the young lad and say no to violence against men.


Miracle Baby's friend
Miracle Baby’s friend who was assaulted by Mwalimu Rachel

The mother of one was detained at Kinoo police station on Friday night and it’s not clear whether she’s out or not.

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Below are reactions from Twitter

Schoonner I know squeezing balls hurts the way futhi ikishikwa na zip inaumanga
๐Ÿ’” ushai slide miguu Kwa pedals uki ride bike , it’s a death sentence ! I can’t even dare to remember that pain

Zionpearl My lovelies! Women CANNOT continue to get away with violent and uncouth behavior in the name of feminism or any other thing. Let the pseudo-equality you seek cut across all issues, including punishment and backlash for abuse! #JailMwalimuRachel.

Martin Wamagatta Two rugby players are currently serving 15 years in prison for allegedly running a train on a girl. DK Kwenye Beat received huge media backlash for allegedly infecting a girl with STI in 2018. However, when Mwalimu Rachael squeezes an upcoming artist testicles and tearing his dreadlocks nothing will be done to her. This biased treatment and inequality always favouring women fucking irks me to the core. #JailMwalimuRachel

Rein Mwalimu Rachel blocked me when I called her our last year. I reprimanded her about her toxic behavior. I am happy law is catching up with her. Where are the toxic feminists on these streets to defend her ? #jailmwalimurachel

Waziri wa Nyonyo I once encountered her n tried to hand her my music since she got a radio gig instead ya kusema she’s not interested in the music ile matusi alinipea Wacha tu…I’ve experienced her ignorance and arrogance first hand ni mtiaji ๐Ÿšฎ #JailMwalimuRachel

Caroline My issue with this whole story apart from the assault, is that she asked Miracle Baby to go into the house and he went without questioning the directive. Is she taking advantage of the sailors band to a point that they do not have a voice? #JailMwalimuRachel

Victor Mochere They pulled his balls and plucked two dreadlocks. That’s heartless. I canโ€™t even sleep. I’m having nightmares. ๐Ÿ˜“