Paul Kobia is known more for his alleged statements than for his business dealings. To say that he makes wise, articulate statements worth quoting to your child would be a lie.A few days ago, he was spotted with Dennis Oliech’s ex-girlfriend and today he is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons -not that he has ever been in them for the right reasons anyway.

Viral Video: Paul Kobia Defends Himself On The Trend


“RAILA’S Dream to Be President of Kenya is a Wet Dream” Paul Kobia

This time he has his eyes set on the geopolitical theatre and has involved former British PM Tony Blair in his statements. Not that I care but it was worth the note just to get my word count up.

Anyway, he had something to say that for once, I hope he will back up with more than more oafish statements because this has the potential of being a good thing for the Republic we all love: