Size 8 and DJ Mo

Size 8 has shared how the delivery of her first daughter Ladasha Wambui started like a ‘joke’ only for things to turn around.

Ladasha is now four but her birth was nothing short of a miracle.

Unacomplain juu ya hizi siku kidogo umebabysit?’ Size 8 calls out DJ Mo

Sharing this on her social media platform, Size 8 penned

Look who is teaching mummy to pause at photo shoot with @shoespaceafrica 🤗🤗🤗🤗 ……..

4 years ago I was pregnant carrying this girl @ladashabelle.wambo get an emergency call from my gyna Martha @drthuo wife.

She is like where are you can we get you an ambulance am like why?

Size 8 was told by the doctor that at the time they were reviewing her files and that she needed to get to the hospital immediately.

I was like am fine, but she insisted I just go.’

Size 8 was not prepared for what would be a long and hard labour.

‘I  didn’t see the big deal mimi nakuanga tu mguuuuumuuu but I said let me just go.

So I just picked my hand bag and my siz dropped me there when I entered let me tell you.

wooi the difficulties that I saw waaaa let me just say it was a miracle I finally held the baby now look at her waaaa God ni msooo…….

my life is a testimony of Gods amazing power!!!!!! ‘

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