Diamond Platnumz’, baby mama has explained why she will never, ever, ever, like ever, ever get back with him.

Hamisa Mobeto spoke about this a day after she was posted on Diamond’s Instagram during International Women’s Day.

Speaking during an interview with Simulizi na Sauti she said,

‘I am not dating.

I have not gotten back with him (Diamond), I have never considered it nor am I planning to.’

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She further added,

‘Once you have fathered a child with someone and you look at them and feel like they are not ready to settle it’s not good to get back only for drama to begin.

It’s also not healthy for the kids to see you in good terms today and then fighting after two days.’

Hamisa added that once she is done with a man, she does not look back.

‘Once I part with someone I do not get back with them, if there had been a chance of solving issues we would have done so instead of breaking up.

If I leave someone for more than an year I cannot go back.’

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