Willy Paul…Willy Pozze, that is how he identifies himself in his songs nowadays. The Tiga Wana hit maker has for the past few months made striking headlines with what fans term as a controversial ‘gospel’ artiste.

One thing about this kid, he seems not to care at all about what fans say about him. That said, Willy Paul is bragging again. And yes, this is not the first time Pozze is boasting about some of his achievements.

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It is well remembered that during his end of year performance, Willy Paul delivered an electric performance, but then he went ahead to brag about it for almost two weeks.

Willy Paul ‘Msafi’ went ahead to call himself king. He further called himself Simba just like his mentor Diamond.

Willy POSSESSED!!! This Is Why Fans Have Moved On From Willy Paul’s NONSENSE Of Publicity Stunts

Willy Paul is at it again, this time round, he was one of the most searched people on the Internet and has gotten him bragging and puffing up his ego.

The I Do hitmaker went ahead to brag about it for the world to see. Lets not even talk about what the Bible says about boasting and embracing humility.

Willy Paul wrote;

“Willy Pozze was in the news yesterday, as the most searched artist on Google!! To all the lovers and haters thank you for making me the top artist.. no politician, no artist is in the list.. just Willy paul..”

He continued;

 “Don’t let what people say affect you! The only artist on the list!!… And the top artist is WILLY PAUL, WILLY POZZE. you don’t need to pretend to stay on the top!! I’m happy I’m always real!! Take a look at the list.. there’s no politician and there’s no any other artist in the list.. Just Willy paul…”

His message comes days after his long term rival, Bahati released a hit with WCB’s Rayvanny, could he be proving to fans that he is still on top and better than Bahati?