Sexually transmitted diseases are a nasty. No one wants to ever admit they have it or has ever contracted one. That is why Luodollar had to address the issue and defend his name when a blogger claimed that he was infected with an STI.

“Where did you Guys copy paste these lies of me being infected?” Luodollar asked.

CONDOM ILIPASUKA! Vicmass Luodollar REVEALS How He Contracted An STI After Having LUNGULA With A Random Lady

“Stop misleading Kenyans and my fans, Pay me to market your thing stop misusing my name, there are a lot of stories You Can work on. why don’t you talk about the Mombasa flood and how to help people who lost their homes? Why don’t you talk about food insecurity in the country?” wrote the angry rapper famed for the hit Bank Otuch


UTASHTUKA UKUFE! Doctors Now Using This Strange Thing To Treat Patients (PHOTOS)

Here are some reactions by his fans on the story.

Rickie September: The more they try to taint your name the more famous you get…Vicmass Luodollar ler pile…to okwasech.

Awuor Nyar Asembo: Dont get mad over such issues, consult akina Erick omondi washazoea, bloggers wont let your likes rest soo zoeza mapema.

Emmanuel Owichy: They should pay you for that infact.

Odindo Stewart Mc’Georges: Warn them.