Months after publicly admitting to being a victim of domestic abuse Tanzanian actress Shilole has revealed why her husband Uchebe beat her up.

According to Shilole, her inquiry on an illicit affair lead to the beating and his insecurity over her success.

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Speaking during an interview with Clouds Digital, she said

‘Marriage has so many things people do not want to talk about.

I met my husband during a friends wedding, and we got married for 6 years.

The first time he beat me up we had gone for an event he got angry because he saw me catching up with some colleagues in the industry.

He got angry and went home,left the car behind, when I went home he met me with slaps.

I was beaten till the dogs woke up. I forgave him and then he started making it a habit.’

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‘He used to beat me even in the presence of my employees. The beating I would never forget is when I was going for a retreat.

I just asked him who had called him and he got mad. I would forgive until I could not forgive him.

He never even once taken me to a hospital, I would receive heavy duty beating. I was once beaten till I fainted.’

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