Willis Raburu

Shaffie Weru has defended Willis Raburu after his much hyped Gengetone event over the weekend flopped leaving him with egg on the face.

Willis who recently ventured into music was set to perform at Machakos People’s park but only a handful of people showed up.

Speaking during Mpasho Xtra that goes live every Tuesday at 8pm, Shaffie now says it was the organizers fault and not Willis’ as many are insinuating.

‘They messed up from the moment they chose Machakos peoples Park as the venue for the event.

The event was not a flop because of Gengetone artistes.

Unless it was a BBI rally where transport was catered for and people were assured of handouts it would not have worked out.

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How do you expect someone from Eastlands to hire a matatu to take them all the way to Machakos?

Right now  the cash flow iko down.’

Shaffie added,

‘Willis said that artistes were not paid and we should believe him, we have seen such things happen in the past.

Furthermore there is the 11:00P.M curfew.

so many guys did the math wakaona there was no need of risking arrest after the event.’

The celebrated TV host was the centre of ridicule over the weekend with many saying that the only thing he succeeded in doing was showing off his new hairstyle.

Do you support Shaffie’s sentiments that the evnt organizers were the ones to blame?

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