Wilson and Ann Mutura, the 100 bob couple wowed Kenyans with their Sh100 wedding that took place early this year.

The 100 bob couple were on September 15 blessed with a son and it seems they’re really enjoying parenthood.

Wilson Mutura shared photos of his son, who is growing up so fast and netizens are wowed.

“TULIA TU!! Kama umebalikiwa::ukicheki familia yako shukuru Mungu sio rahisi ata!!!,” he captioned the pics.



100 bob couple
Wilson and Ann Mutura together with their son

Check out comments the 100 boob couple wedding’s followers

Tabby: Mtoi amegrow sana

Ann: Lovely family and cute baby indeed

Whitney: Handsome baby boy May God protect him

Elsie: Lovely family

Mary: Glorious.The Muturas Mungu awape baraka

Wairimu: Stunning family be blessed mtoi emegrow haraka waah

Sharon: Lovely family indeed God bless

Alice: Cute little angel

Samuel: AMEN beautiful family

Rachel: Lovely blessed family, mungu awazidishie baraka