Sam West

Motivational speaker Sam West who is also husband to Kenyan artiste Vivianne is uplifting the youth through his comedy show.

He is the founder of Sam West comedy show and through this platform, he is changing one life at a time.

Speaking to Mpasho he said

‘My main business is entrepreneurship and motivational speaking but I also do standup comedy.

I run Sam West comedy show.   ‘

‘A fan tried to forcibly kiss my wife twice after a performance’ – Sam West

This year what my wife Vivianne and I have done is to incorporate comedy into dominate which is an empowerment program.’


‘Just like Churchill does I give other comedians a platform, nurture and train them to become better.’

Asked whether he has worked with Kenyan top comedians, Sam said

‘I have worked with Eric Omondi, MC Jessy among other comedians.’

‘My daughter is from a previous relationship’ Vivian tells fiancé Sam West

Sam, however, confessed that when he was starting he had a hard time convincing the wife that he was funny but now she does find him funny.

‘When I started Vivianne never laughed at my jokes but right now she does. Comedy has also helped me in my motivational speaking as it helps break the ice.’

Apart from handling his businesses, he also manages Vivianne who is well known for hits such as ‘Chum Chum and Masharti’

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