Jacque Maribe
Past court session when Itumbi went to support Jacque Maribe and Jowi

The girl child Jacque Maribe is under siege.

KOT have urged her to show love to her BFF Dennis Itumbi by visiting him at the police cells, penning love letters and poems to him.

This is as a tribute to what Itumbi did for her when she was incarcerated over the murder of Monica Kimani.

But will the TV girl succumb to their pressure?

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Dennis Itumbi, who is the secretary digital, innovations and diaspora communications at the Deputy President’s office was arrested in town yesterday over links to DP Ruto’s ‘murder’ letter.

William Ruto
William Ruto

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Here are the reactions from netizens over the matter.

Tonny Gachoka Dennis Itumbi @OleItumbi am hoping Jacque #Maribe will bring hot coffee & stand by you in the dock as you stood by her😜; @KBonimtetezi will come and comfort you too!!! DP Ruto’s hustler nation must be held to account as I have always said before he and you are not above the law!

Cyprian Nyakundi CEOs and MDs can make time to meet their friends every Tuesday! So what excuses have you been giving for that meetup? @KoinangeJeff #JKLive

Bel Akinyi It’s now Jackie Maribe’s to write the poems to Dennis Itumbi.

Chief Oduor Dennis Itumbi ndani, Jackie Maribe, you better start drafting love poems, carry your drum to court and show us your prowess, the remaining let us heed on Orengo telling, ” this government will…… more than it will….” Prophecy.

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Thomas @OleItumbi Has been with Jackie Maribe all through happiness n hard times. So I believe Maribe must now be at DCI to offer Itumbi a shoulder to lean on.

Mister Albie “It’s Jackie Maribe’s turn now to go and hug Dennis Itumbi in police cells. Atarudisha mkono?”

Nahashon Kimemia Will Jackie Maribe be there for Dennis Itumbi as Dennis Itumbi was there for Jackie Maribe? Dear boychild, take notes…

Brian Kiptanui Jackie Maribe should plan a prison break for his co husbands Jowie and Dennis Itumbi… 🤔😂 jackie hire me to be Michael schofield 🤒😂

Bel Akinyi I hope Jackie Maribe has a spare boyfriend somewhere now that all her boyfriends are inside with criminal cases baridi ya July itamalisa mtoto wa wenyewe.

Arthur Mbugwa it’s funny how Dennis Itumbi gets arrested… but it’s Jowie Irungu who trended at number one 😂😂 Kenyans have made sure that Jackie Maribe also is trending 🤓

Kipkoech Rober Dennis Itumbi arrested. Don’t be surprised if Jackie Maribe fails to return the favor of standing with him. This women my brother, I tell you.

Fatuma Mchafu Am waiting to see Jackie Maribe running around like a headless chicken posting messages of goodwill to Dennis Itumbi. Boyshaod woes.

Maribe and Itumbi have never been an item as many claim. Not so long ago both came out to set the record clear, saying that they were just friends.

‘Jacque Maribe and I have been in the friendzone since we met!’ confesses Dennis Itumbi