Gospel singer Rose Muhando says that she was told that she was going to die after 10 days. This, she says is part of the hardship that she has had to undergo in the past few years.

Muhando who started recording in 2004 has blessed many with her songs but last year, she went viral after a video of her being prayed for by Pastor Ng’ang’a made headlines.

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Speaking to Wasafi media, Muhando said,

“Before I went through what I went through, there is a man of God that said, I was going to go through four hard things and the fourth one will be the hardest.”


“I went through all that and when the fourth time came, I was in Nairobi. 10 days before that, I was told that they will make sure that you are no longer exist under the sun.”

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Rose Muhando
Rose Muhando

The ‘Nibebe’ hitmaker also revealed how her experience was here in Kenya.

“Bishop Ng’ang’a saw the vision and prayed for me and when I got my consciousness, I found myself at the hospital. I was not in a good state and they thought I was just sick but I thought it was my time. That’s when I met God and he filled me with strength and courage and I have known God because He has a reason why people go through what they go through”

After healing, the mother of three released the song ‘Kenya Ulindwe’ to thank Kenyan people and her president Uhuru Kenyatta.

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