On the Friday Wicked Edition with Dr Kingori, social media influencer Chebet Ronoh got an anxiety attack while being interviewed on the show.

Ronoh together with Radio presenter Alex Mwakideu, were discussing the issue of loyalty.

Kingori asked Ronoh if she has any loyal friends.

Ronoh said that she can’t be loyal to her boyfriend because she doesn’t have one as yet.

Adding that if push came to shove and she had to take a bullet for a boyfriend, she would duck.

“Man, I have done a couple of dumb things for people. I’m not going to lie. And I think that is what taught me not to trust anyone. You need to trust and be loyal to yourself.”

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Ronoh continued,

“I have rented someone an apartment for three months.”

Dr Kingori inturupted her asking,

“Is it a boyfriend?”

Ronoh saying her hands are shaking during the interview

Ronoh explained,

“I have paid rent for 3 months for a friend. And it was bad because he in the one who went behind my back saying horrible things. I just accepted I clowned and I took the clown uniform and wore it.”

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She added, “I asked myself, what was I doing, hata nikiuliza, huyu msee hakuwai nijenga he never helped me. I don’t know why…”

Overwhelmed by emotion Rono requested, “Can we stop abit. For real can we actually stop. I have an anxiety attack. Yeah. It is soooooo bad.”

Ronoh leaving the interview

After Ronoh left the show, Kingori returned and explained,

“Guys Ronoh cannot continue on this interview with us na vile she was such a vibe, manze. Amepata. Anxiety attack and I think it is a condition she is dealing with and she will ne fine, I trust.”

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