Ringtone vs Xtian

Days after being threatened by upcoming socialite Shakilla, gospel artiste Ringtone has gone to the Maasai Mara to unwind.

Trouble started after upcoming socialite Shakilla, who is only 19 shared screenshots claiming that Ringtone had been sliding into her DM.

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Shakilla has been under the coaching of one Xtian Dela who is a sworn enemy of Ringtone.

Xtian threatened that he would ‘expose’ Ringtone but he is less bothered about that.

Ringtone feels that Xtian is just a clout chaser who is living a fake life.

“I know he is a broke man. I don’t fear anything from him. dela is paying rent, I am living in my own home.

When I wake up I count the number of cars that I have.

dela is paying a loan. Between me and him who should be afraid?

I do not sing to get money. I do it because of the love of God.

dela wants clout and he had coached Shakilla to name big celebs,” Ringtne told Mpasho.

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“He has called me many times to go to his live and I have refused. Me and dela don’t know each other personally.

I don’t have his number and maybe he has mine. We are not on the same level, with all due respect.”

In conclusion, Ringtone added,

 “I will pray for him. You see he is a pagan. I will pray for him and prayer works.”

Ringtone has never shied away from expressing his feelings for women he is interested in, and among those is Zari Hassan.

Ringtone went to extreme levels just to win her affection but failed. So according to him, Shakilla is not his type.