Ringtone Vs Willy Paul
Ringtone Vs Willy Paul

Ringtone has had an axe to grind with Willy Paul the past couple of months. The artiste has gone out of his way to attack Willy.

Ringtone vs Willy Paul
Ringtone vs Willy Paul


Some of the attacks have been blatantly offensive with Ringtone accusing Willy Pozze of among other things:

-Being an agent of darkness.

-He is a secular artist.

Willy Paul and Nandy
Willy with Nandi

-That he is a devil worshipper.

-He is demon possessed.

The list could go on as he has said a lot concerning Willy. Just yesterday, Ringtone claimed that he and other Christian brothers would sue Willy Paul for using the Hallelujah title for a song that was about fornication.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul and Nandi

Is Ringtone justified in his ‘holy’ crusade against Pozze? That is up for debate. A recent poll that we conducted showed that a majority support his view that Willy Paul’s actions as a gospel artist are not appropriate.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

While that might be the case, does Ringtone have the moral authority to attack Willy Paul? I don’t think so. Why? The man himself has had his share of controversies. I believe if one is going to criticise another about an issue, then they should at least first be a paragon of virtue in that area.

Ringtone in priestly garb

Is Ringtone that? I don’ t think so. Check out his chequered past below:

The artiste telling an ex-girlfriend of his to abort his child

The story ran exclusively on Mpasho and showed that the artiste had some skeletons in his closet that he denied. The story is below:

Exclusive Scandal: “Stop Forcing Me To Abort Our Baby!” Ringtone’s Ex Girlfriend Screams!

Ringtone Apoko
Mr Apoko

The gospel artiste being caught partying with Swaleh Mdoe with married women

Pictures of the singer enjoying the company of several married women emerged exclusively on Mpasho. While the photos don’t prove anything, they raise questions about what the gospel artist was doing?

The gospel artiste in his car

It is similar to his attacking Willy Paul for posing with Nandi. The story is below:

EXCLUSIVE SCANDAL! After All The Rumours, Swaleh Mdoe And Ringtone Caught On Camera Partying With Married Groupies

And there are many more, like his many unproven allegations that concern his relationship with Zari. Allegations that involve him buying Zari an 800k ring that never got to her!

Ringtone posing next to a Range Rover he bought for Zari

One has to ask, doesn’t the man see the log in his own eye? Is his obsession with Willy based on jealousy, a righteous cause for justice or a desire for publicity as he attacks the musician of the moment?

I have my guesses and they aren’t altruistic…

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