Zari Hassan with new lover
Mange says that Zarina is lying about having a new lover

Zari has been giving many sleepless nights. Everyone is trying to figure out who her new man is.

Others hope to find out how King bae looks like. All Zari has shared about her mystery man is, his name starts with M and that he is a South African tycoon.

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Zari has been sharing different parts of the mysterious man’s body [arms, legs chest, head] and many have been stringing together the few clues and it seems it will take time for us to unmask his face.

Zari Hassan with new lover
Mange says that Zarina is lying about having a new lover

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On Friday, Zari shared a video showing off her man’s new multimillion mansion. She went ahead to post a photo posing next to the kitchen counter with a naughty caption;

‘Banging on this kitchen counter’.

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The mother of five later stepped out with her mysterious man, who was dressed in a t-shirt with ANC (African National Congress) political party colours. He was wearing a snapback and a T-shirt all bearing ANC’s logo.

Zari with King bae
Mother of five posing with King bae (dressed in ANC colours)

ANC is a South African political party and black nationalist organization. Founded in 1912 as the South African Native National Congress, it had as its main goal the maintenance of voting rights for Coloureds (persons of mixed race) and black Africans in Cape Province.

ANC logo

Later in the 1940s, it spearheaded the fight to eliminate apartheid, the official South African policy of racial separation and discrimination.

The party was banned from 1960 to 1990 by the white South African government; during these three decades, it operated underground and outside South African territory. The ban was lifted in 1990, and Nelson Mandela, the president of the ANC, was elected in 1994 to head South Africas first multiethnic government.

ANC is the most powerful party in South Africa and the current president of the southern nation Cyril Ramaphosa, is a member of the political party.

The question is, is Zari’s lover a politician or into politics?

The couple is planning to walk down the aisle soon and recently, Zari confessed that she was ready to have children with him.

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