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Diamond Platnumz’s photographer Lukamba has been trashed on social media after he shared a  cartoon of The OG Khaligraph Jones kneeling before him crying, begging for a photo.

Let me take you back.

Khaligraph and Diamond met at the Sound City Awards in Nigeria where Khaligraph actually won the best rapper in Africa award and they took a photo, which was taken by Lukamba.

The OG later asked Lukamba to send him the photo but the photographer was reluctant.

In a recent interview, Khaligraph spoke about the issue. But Lukamba shared a cartoon humiliating the OG, in a post that read,

Dah Sijafikia huku ..Changamoto za card zinataka kunigombanisha na Kaka yangu OG @khaligraph_jones Bro siku Tukikutana yaani nakupiga album mzima na kupa hapo hapo 🤣 #respecttheogs

The OG later gave a warning to Lukamba and the entire WCB among them Lava Lava and Mbosso

@iamlavalava @mbosso naona Mumechekeshwa sana lakini uyu Kijana Wenu Atafanya Nyinyi wote Murudi Ushagoo, chungeni sana ama Nikuje niwafagilie Nyinyi wote kama Mr.Nice. You will Respect The OG

This humiliation of Africa’s greatest rapper wasn’t received well by Kenyans and has pushed the photographer to explain his side of the story.

Speaking to Wasafi media, Lukamba denied that it was Diamond that asked him not to sent the photo to Papa Jones.

‘I took Khaligraph a photo with Diamond Platnumz. Later Khaligraph sent me a DM to send him the photos but I later DMed him to tell him that it might take time since my SD card had a problem.

No, its not Diamond that asked me not to send the photo to Khaligraph. Diamond respects him so much. Photographers can agree with me that SD CARds can mess you up sometime’

He went on to say that he posted the cartoon on a lighter note and didn’t expect the rapper to act that way.

I didn’t think that he would take it the wrong way. 

Lukamba then apologized.

I ask for his forgiveness if he feels like I humiliated him. I respect him and I didn’t want to disrespect him. I have seen that Kenyans fans are angry about the issue and I ask that you forgive me.


Well, this could be a diss track loading.

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