Redsan is having a nightmare of a week. The man has been accused of beating his producer Sappy. Sappy had apparently worked on his album, “Baddest man” for four years was on the receiving end of Redsan’s big biceps.



The artist is alleged to have gone to his producer’s studio to demand the masters for the album. According to sources, the album had been done for free by Sappy and he was supposed to be paid back.

And it seems that things have now come to a boil with Redsan coming to get the master from the producer. According to leaked audios from the incident, Redsan and Sappy got into an altercation that ended up with Sappy getting the beat-down of his life.

Sappy with a mzungu woman

Redsan is heard saying:

Me nakutaka.  Hamna heshima. Mnaniambia nini?

Sappy is heard responding:

Mbona wanipiga? Kwani issue ni nini?

Redsan responds:

Amka. We ni mwanamme. Nionyesheni kitu mtafanya? Sap nionyeshe.

Then someone is heard screaming as a scuffle ensues:

Niue! Niue!

Then another voice is heard calling the artist:

Yeye ni msenge!

Then a voice is heard calling for the watchman:

Wametuvamia! Redsan, wewe ni msenge! Amefanyiwa album bure na amekuja kutupiga afisini.

Redsan responds:

Hawana heshima. Hawana heshima!

Then noises are heard in the background. Sappy is heard calling him a msenge again questioning why the watchmen let him in.


KRG the Don also agreed with Sappy and explained his own issues with the producer:

Am so sorry my brother Sappy you don’t deserve such treatment after putting in work tirelessly without getting paid for the work you have been doing!
This is so sad that this artist can be using other people over and over again then think they don’t have brains! This fellow has been using Kenyan producers then in the end he takes credit to Sony Africa.
It happened to me too after I paid for his video expenses in Dubai then I saw the credits go to sony yet I used my personal cash to fund all the expenses including his accommodation, food, drinks and clothes he is so shameless 
I posted about Tiwa being stranded some people said am a hater but the truth is he likes using people and run 🏃🏿‍♂️ His time for using people for the wrong reasons are done ⛔️ now he better start looking for other activities to do in life coz in the music business such people don’t survive.

Krg the don on boat
Krg the don. photo credit: instagram/Krg the don

We attempted to reach out to the Redsan on several of his of his phone lines for a response but we were unsuccessful.

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