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There can be usually two possibilities behind the cheating; either there’s something wrong with the relationship or there’s something wrong with the person himself.

Here are some;

Men who run from commitment

There are some men who just wouldn’t commit.

Settling down for them is not in their plans and the C-word is very new to them.

Some men would rather jump from one person to the other rather than just settle down with somebody else.


Men low key love being praised.

If he gets a lady who will massage his ego by reminding him of how great of a guy he is,he’ll definitely have it.

It doesn’t matter if they are their lady or not.

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You are too easy for him

They like chasing women and always love a challenge.

Whereas a simple (even though perfect) relationship bores them and they get the need to cheat.

It gets a little complicated but it drives their brain somehow.

He wants backup after a break-up

As lame as it sounds, it actually is true.

When he’s not in love with you anymore, he probably wants to break up, but he also doesn’t want to be alone.

So basically, he’s preparing a backup plan to fall back onto after he’s done with you.

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Being bad gives them a rush

Boys will be boys, always chasing after the stuff that is probably illegal or just morally wrong. And why? Because it gets them the high they want.

They will cheat and do all sorts of forbidden things because they get pleasure.

Lack of communication from his side

Some times ladies may show the need to want to make things work.

However, sometimes it is the man’s problem due to a lack of communication that makes it hard for both of you to work.

If your man won’t talk, he is the problem.

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