The Census is around the corner and it will take place on the night of August 24 to 25.

The last census was done in 2009.

Census is a process of enumerating or counting all people within the boundaries of a country at a specified time. The process involves collecting, compiling, evaluating, analysing, and publishing
demographic, social, and/or economic data.

This time around, Census will be done electronically for the first time through a mobile device.

According to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), all persons within the borders of Kenya during the reference night will be enumerated. Outdoor sleepers, persons on transit, individuals in hotels and lodges, and in institutions such as hospitals and prisons

But Kenyans living in the diaspora will not be enumerated

Well, some of the questions which will be asked include;

1. Age

2. Sex – gender of everyone who will be enumerated

3. Marital status – Single, married or, divorced

4. Births

5. Deaths

6. Migration

7. Educational attainment

8. Forms and security of difficulties in performing daily life activities.

8. Labour particulars

9. Access and ownership of ICT equipment and services

10. Crop farming livestock and agriculture

11. Housing characteristics, and ownership of assets.