Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip, who was beaten by a gang and left for dead early this month, is slowly recovering.

Anwar was in the company of Nairobi Governor’s daughter Saumu and they were both attacked, and he was seriously injured. He was admitted at a city hospital for quite a number of days and now he’s discharged.

Lamu Senator
Lamu Senator Hon. Anwar in hospital with a friend

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Yesterday, Saumu shared a photo hanging out with Senator Anwar and thanked him for protecting her.

Saumu Mbuvi with Lamu senator
Saumu Mbuvi with Lamu senator

She referred to him as hun, leaving many speculating that indeed they were an item.

Hi Future, Thank you for putting your life before mine, For standing by me, Advising me and always being there for me …you will forever be my Bestfriend. Wishing you quick recovery hun.

The Senator during his stay in hospital after the attack, caught our attention. It was while addressing the media that he referred to Saumu as his fiancée. Word has it that Anwar and his policewoman girlfriend parted ways after dating for more than three years.

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In another post, Saumu shared a cryptic message which read;

Kelele za mlango hazimfanyi mwenye nyumba kukosa usingizi [The noise of the door does not make the owner of the house not to fall asleep].

Fans of the governor’s daughter have also wished the Senator a quick recovery and their messages include;

alhajji_martins_ke My people 💯💯God above everything

onkendi254artworks Quick recovery 🇰🇪

rdnysenga Mpe pole zangu. Quick Recovery

tinah_pkb Quick Recovery. Sending love and light your way 😍😍

presenter May he get well soon????

onkendi254artworks Quick recovery ????

im_mugambi Come back stronger mhesh
tinatishphillips Quick recovery to your fiance

mimileo Quick recovery to him. It is well??

faith_baib Quick recovery to him

jusie_alvins Quick recovery to him dear

mluhya_mjinga Blessed be that man. You’re a soldier bro

rowziewambuirowzie May he get well soon ??

mimiechemutai Sending my regards. Quick recovery

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