Size 8

It was pomp and colour on 28th November 2018 as Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in as the fourth President of the Republic of Kenya for the second term at the Kasarani stadium. Top artistes, the likes of award-winning singers Rufftone, Emmy Kosgei, Size 8 just to mention but a few entertained those who had attended the inauguration.

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But all did not go well when Mateke hitmaker Size 8 took to the stage to entertain the crowd. After a short performance, Size 8 started talking too much at least according to social media and she had just started singing her second song Tam Tam when all hell broke loose.

“Willy Willy Willy (Willy Paul Msafi)
Number Nane Nane (Size 8)
Mmm… Alemba Aliamua Oh, Oh, Aliamua,
Dj Mo Akaamua Au aahhh…” 

Before the crowd could even join in the singing, her performance was cut short leaving her followers tongues wagging.

Some claim that Size 8 chose the wrong song for such an occasion and she talked too much wasting time yet other artistes were lined up ready to give their best. DJ Mo’s wife is now the trending topic on social media and here are some of the comments from her followers.

Jennymukuhi: Your performance was pathetic. Actually you didn’t perform. Had to mute my TV for a few minutes. If i may ask. Why were you shouting?😡😡😡.\

Eva Mbugua: You got me bored aki!

Lorna Mwende: Why did they cut you short.

Mary Kathangu: Punguza kiherehere

Sharon: She was talking too much and the music was not for the occasion

Mugablue: You need to up your live performance game. Sometimes u come out as irritating.

Lydia: Things u should stop doing for the love of camera.

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Taurus: Size 8, your voice was so off guard according to the music that was playing. True the devil is a liar! Thirst and Greed for money! #resist

Gladys Wambugu: You were beautiful, but next time talk less and choose a song in accordance with occasion…. And stop yelling to your audience… #peace

Kui Kimani: It’s like you were yelling at the crowd and talking too much. Aaaiii… I think that’s why walikuzima haraka hivyo.

Joyce: Today honestly you were out of context. What song was that for such an occasion?

Wafula Melvin: were horrible..why did u shout to the point where i thought uliambiwa the pricetag will be measure by kushout kwako.Anyway Tumbokrat hongera

Juan: @Wafulamelvin97 my problem was the choice of song, in a presidential inauguration, ‘unataka mke mwema’!! Cheiiiii…..

Muriithi: Hiyo mdomo wachanga kwa nyumba

Roz.gee: Second presentation #Tamtam to me wasn’t a good choice for today’s event….. But najua lazima ungerudi stage ndo uzunguke uwanja kama Emmy Kosgei

Racheal: Next time kipewa mic punguza pang’ang’a and go straight performing

Koey: Woi hadi akakatizwa nilimhurumia Hyo aibu yote…. Ati Sasa DJ tupatie watu wengine nafasi

Svaslyda: Good but you were shouting not singing

Kathuremuia:  Actually that “kujienjoy really pissed me off ,before she could even sing a word the Mc cut her off,

Soni: Size 8 you shrieked today!!! It was terrible. You are good. Don’t over do it.

Ivy: Today you were shouting not singing. Not what was expected of you mama

Mukuiya: As much as I try to be positive but you really need coaching in performance and not shouting over yourself. Had to change channels

Nthambiirene: Punguza panganga and I really doubt you mama sasa!!!!!!okoka cha ukweli uwache movie

Fayt: Today was your worst. I think you are doing too much mama Wambo.Taking too much jobs,mara you are hosting some show,mara ni pampers.At the end of the day your music suffers.I dont think you rehersed well for todays show which was a NATIONAL event.Remember to the public you are an entertainer and that’s the reason we loved you in the first place

Kathuremuia: I love your music, kudos, but next time you are given such a chance, kindly go straight to singing don’t hype the crowd. Today you hyped too much.

Mama_tugi: @kathuremuia kwanza when she said “Si mumekuja kujienjoy?” I was like really. Like seriously?These guys are here to see the president being inaugurated. Her choice of song was also wrong.

Macherephennique: Aki Leo uliboo mama wambo but punguza kiherehere

Winnie: Leo mama wambo aki si ulikua na kiherehere aki…ona sasa ulizimwa kaa msumaa

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