Rapper Peter Miracle baby of the popular Gengetone group, Sailors has revealed that their new single, Kulewe Kuchuchuma was inspired by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s speech.

This is their first released after signing with the record label, Black Market Records.

Speaking to Kalondu Musyimi on the weekly Mpasho Live session, Miracle Baby explained that the song was inspired by a viral video of President Uhuru’s speech about opening up the economy.

This was after a partial lockdown that lasted a little over 6 months.

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President Uhuru announced that the curfew hours have been extended from 11pm to 4am. The hours were previously 9pm-4am.

Bars, pubs and clubs were also allowed to operate and close at 10pm.

“The prohibition against the operation of bars, and the sale of alcoholic drinks by ordinary restaurants and eateries shall stand vacated from the September 29. Mnaweza kukunywa pombe sasa (you can now drink),” Uhuru said.

This speech inspired a gengetone hit.

Miracle baby said, “When Uhunye said munaweza lewa sawa sawa? The idea popped in our head and the song Kulewa Kuchuchuma was born.”

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Check to out below.


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