On Sunday evening, Mighty Salim breathed his last. His family revealed that he died due to diabetes, a condition he has battled with for long.

However, in 2018, Mighty Salim was diagnosed with Kidney failure, he needed financial help to receive treatment. So he planned to fundraise.

That was when he was shocked by the people he thought were his pals. He lost many friends during that period.

He took to his Facebook and penned a scathing post about fake friends.

“Allow me to speak my heart coz this hurts so much… RADIO STATIONS..& PRESENTERS. ARTIST….POLITICIANS…Sio vizuri ku ignore msanii wakati ako na shida.”

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He went on to add,

“na akiaga mnakua first kutangaza na kuomboleza. nimezunguka kwenyu Sana na simu nimepiga nyingi kwenyu and I might not succeed or leave forever ..maisha yangu iko mikononi mwa mungu wangu nife ama niishi ni mapenzi yake mola…

(When the artiste dies, you are the first to announce and send condolences. I have been to all your stations and made many calls asking for help. I might not succeed or leave forever, my life is in God’s hands. Dead or alive, that is god’s will.)”

Mighty Salim’s bitter rant went on to detail how a politician even gave him a cheque that bounced and he later turned off his phone and was unreachable.

“but hii sio POA Kama huwezi nisaidia nikiwa uhai hata nikifa usikuje..maiti hakuhitaji na hahitaji pesa …WAHESHIMIA pia nyinyi wacheni kutuhitaji wakati wa campaign pekee …it really pains kupigia mtu over 10 time’s akisema ako meeting….kuja kwa station like 10 time’s…it hurts… thank you kameme TV…. thanks mugikunjo and inooro …

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(This is not good at all. If you cannot help me when I’m alive, don’t show up when I die. A corpse doesn’t need your money. As for politicians, stop demanding our attention during the campaign period. It pains calling someone 10 times only to be told they are in a meeting. It hurts).”

His last message to the politician was,

“and to my friend politician am still keeping the fake cheque.. its now 4 months bless you.”

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