Wangechi was in a more less similar situation a few months ago. She had been involved in a road accident and needed someone to take care of her. Today, she stepped out to offer supplies to the affected. Here’s the post she put up on her social media:


“Woke up this morning and did what I could to help the situation. I’m just a normal human being helping fellow humans. Going through something life changing I’m not a believer in the tweet about it or result to social media respond to tragedies. It doesn’t really help the situation.

Come on get up, dress up and show up. There’s a lot to be done. Both in chiromo and nyayo stadium. If you can help out. The Red Cross guy I talked to said that water and even soda would be very helpful in both chiromo and nyayo stadium. Be the change you want to see.”

We wish all the affected victims quick recovery.