Eric Omondi fight

Eric Omondi’s date with 12 contestants of his Wife Material show at the Blend club along Mombasa Road turned ugly after a fight erupted between two of the cast members.

It all started when one of the ladies overturned a table breaking glasses that were on top of the table and pouring drinks. She then started fighting with her counterpart and policemen were called in to control the two.

Eric and the contestants, who had dressed in little sexy dresses, were escorted outside under tight security as the two women continued to fight along the club’s corridors. One of them even got her wig pulled off during the fight.

Watch the video here

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Fans of the comedian have reacted to the video with some claiming the fight was staged and reactions include;

jackyvike Mako mako mako! Vindushina ivi? 🙆🏾‍♀️

hopekidhk ACTING SKILLS ZENYU ZIKO TOP TOP TOP TOP NIME LOOOOVE 😂😂😂😂 @ericomondi kazi fiti 😂😅

yycomedian buda umetuangusha kwani ulienda gym kucharge simu kwa socket yao😂

eddiebutita Whaat I hope he is not hurt

massawejapanni Sarakasi

flaqo411 Erico anapiganiwa ivi???Mimi ni Yesu atanipigania

i.am_shakilla Jesus….

gerrieywainaina 😂😂😂 lol sisi tutajionea ndulama tuuu


dior___dior Tumezoea , kila kitu ni staged😂😂😂😂

bandanafather 😂😂😂wamelewa chakari

steve_.g._official 😂😂when push comes to shove wig inaanguka😂

its._yusuf Hii ni script😂

m.b.e.k.e_ It ended in tears😢😭

thee_otienofredrick20 Katambeeee🔥

danielrolbar Wife Material Sn 2 is lit🔥

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