Babu Owino's Math confession leaves Maverick Aoko amazed

• The politician is renowned for his affinity for the Mathematics subject.

Babu Owino.
Image: Instagram/Babu Owino.

Embakasi East MP Babu Owino is a man who enjoys Math. He is so good at it, he extends this to help Kenyan students ahead of national exams.

This has won him the praise of citizens who find Math challenging. The politician has revealed that he identified one thing about an exam he undertook almost 19 years ago.

In a TikTok video, the fiery politician revealed that during KCSE in 2005, he noticed a problem that no one else countrywide pointed out.

He was speaking on X to Maverick Aoko, who is quite a force to reckon with on the social platform.

"I'm the only student in Kenya. There was a problem in KCSE 2005 in mathematics," he shared on TikTok account Dennis Karasi adding, "Mathematics paper 2."

He was being interviewed and told the disbelieving Maverick who questioned, "In the entire country?"

Babu assured her that his account of the day was correct and believable, "I swear to God. There was problem in Mathematics, and I raised it and I was told that the KCSE could not have a mistake."

"But after 40 minutes, they said there was a problem. And it was corrected. That is a student that you can say..." he laughed. "These people, this man doesn't know me, now you know what," he was tickled. 

This comes a few weeks after Babu shared the delightful news that he earned a doctorate degree and was feted for it.

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