Aden Duale retires from active politics


• He described himself as a good Muslim.

• He was kicked out of the National Assembly.

CS Aden Duale

Defence Cabinet Secretary Aden Duale now says he will not return to politics, as earlier promised.

The CS said this because he kept saying that he would retire once William Ruto was elected President.

Speaking on KBC, Duale said he is now retired and President Ruto made it easy for him when he got him out of the National Assembly to serve in the Cabinet.

"I once said I would quit politics when William Ruto became president. He has made my life easy. When he became president, he removed me from parliament and made me the Minister for Defence. I am a good Muslim, so I am not going back to politics. I have retired. "My word is my bond. I promised Kenyans that once H.E. President William Ruto takes the mantle of leadership, I will retire from active politics. I have. He has become president, and I cannot put reverse gear on,” Duale stated.

The Defence CS noted that before the August 2022 elections, he had informed Ruto that should they have lost, he would continue to serve Kenyans in other capacities within the National Assembly.

According to him, he believes parliament can transform Kenya into a better country.

"Even before the election I told him if you don't become president and we lose the election, I will join parliament and maybe become chairman of the Public Accounts Committee or become a ranking member and speak for the people of Kenya."

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