Homosexuality isn't the reason Kenya is poor-Boniface Mwangi declares

• This week the activist has been engaged in an online war with Nyali MP Mohammed Ali about LGBTQ rights.

Boniface Mwangi
Image: Instagram

Famous political and human rights activist Boniface Mwangi has criticised the war against homosexuality in Kenya saying that the behavior is not a big problem facing the country.

In a long statement on his social media accounts, the father of three noted that the problems facing the country are not caused by the issue of people Kenyans decide to date.

"I live my life unapologetically. I will stand up for any adult who wants to live their own life. Your fake Christian and Muslim leaders will tell you that LGBQTI is our biggest problem, isn't it.

Kenya is not poor because men date men, and women date each other. Kenya is poor because your religious leaders are stealing our taxes," Boniface Mwangi said on Sunday morning.

Mwangi expressed these feelings when he was responding to Nyali Member of Parliament Mohammed Ali who had a fierce battle with him online since the politician criticized him for fighting for the rights of homosexuals.

Mwangi, who is currently on vacation in Dubai with his wife, continued to encourage people to enjoy their lives the way they want regardless of the moral standards set in the country, mentioning that there is no guarantee of heaven.

"Heaven is here people. No one died, went to heaven, and came back with proof that the streets of gold, where people drink milk and honey are true.

Even the 72 virgins are just a myth. Or maybe the 72 virgins are male virgins and you are a lady wedding? Stop postponing your happiness for a later date. Live now. Love now. Marry, and love the one you want," he said.

The activist asked Kenyans not to care about other people's bedroom issues, stating that the main problem facing the country is not what people do in their bedrooms, but problems start with unethical leaders who are given the responsibility to lead.

"If our leaders could enjoy their immoral life in public, maybe they wouldn't steal as much as they do.

The countries where Ruto goes to ask for loans have zero laws on morals but they imprison those who are corrupt and steal. Get your noses out of people's bedrooms," he said.

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